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Custom Packing Per Order

We understand how busy yacht chefs can be - the demanding day-to-day activities will leave little time for extra duties and sorting the meat can be just as dreary as swabbing the deck!

We've taken this into consideration and have implemented an option in our shopping basket to include any special packaging instructions you may have. Before you add an item into the shopping basket just fill your requirements in the field "Special Packing Instructions" and we'll do the rest - at no extra charge! This can be done per product. So for example if you need to order 20kg of chicken breast and would like them packaged in 1kg plastic freezer bags just include it before you add it to your shopping basket.

You may then review your instructions in the checkout process and include any overall packing instructions required.

We will then get back to you just in case certain arrangements cannot be made, but we will find the closest solution for you!


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