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Oliver's Meats will make sure your order is delivered as quickly as possible. 

Order Processing & Delivery Expectations
Our turnaround rate is usually same day or next day delivery, however depending on the quantity of items you order, the order processing time will vary. We will ensure to call you to inform you on the delivery time.

In the Delivery Address please ensure that you include the name of the yacht, name of marina and the pier number.

If you require deliveries to be made at a specific time please include details in the comments box before you checkout.

Some items in our catalogue are subject to availability. If you require a product not shown please let us know and we will do our best to provide you with your request.

Delivery Charges:
All deliveries to Malta are free of charge. There is no minimum order, therefore you may order regularly every week and we will deliver straight to your door.... or yacht!

Deliveries to Sicily:
We also delivery to Sicily. A minimum order of 5000 Euros is required. It is important to include the exact delivery address, including the marina name and pier numbers.

Summer and Winter periods vary. We will contact you with available times and days available for delivery. 


Methods of Payment:
Our payment policy is payment on delivery. When an order is placed the quote you receive is the amount due in Euros, unless there were any special requirements that may include extra costs. In such an event we will contact you to inform you of these extra costs.




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