Using the Wishlist
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Sometimes you may find a product that you would like to order in the future, or perhaps want to create a list of products and save them for later retrieval.

The Wishlist works in this way, by saving products to a list with the ability to add them to your shopping cart later on. Wishlist products will remain in your account until they are edited.

To use the wishlist:

  1. First log on or register to the website. If you have been adding to a wishlist before you logged on or registered your items will be transferred to your account once you do so. Please note that if you do not log on your wishlist may be deleted after a couple of hours.

  2. While browsing through the products, enter the quantity and any Special Instructions, then click on "Add to Wishlist"

  3. You may then view your wishlist by navigating to "My Account" located at the top of the website and click on "Wishlist". 

  4. In the Wishlist page you may now edit any quantities or Special Instructions and clicking "Update" next to each product.

  5. To add them individually to your shopping basket click on "Add to Basket". You may also add the entire list of products to the basket by clicking on "Add All to Basket.

  6. Any products may be removed individually from the wishlist by clicking on "Remove", or to clear the entire wishlist click on "Empty Wishlist".

    Please Note: Emptying the Wishlist in irreversible.
  7. Once you are satisfied you may continue shopping or view your shopping basket to see the items you have just added.


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