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Oliver's Meats only imports the very best certified meat brands. We take pride in providing our customers only the finest choice meat cuts and brands. The meat we provide is subject to availability therefor our online catalogue represents the average price of our best meat cuts. If however you would like to order a specific brand of meat please let us know in the 'special instructions' field when ordering.

Below is a list of some of the brands we usually stock.

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is a cut above the rest. Other labels may say Angus, but that’s where the similarities end. The difference is in the flavor. And that’s where the Certified Angus Beef ® brand sets the bar. Beef must pass 10 stringent quality specifications to earn the brand’s premium mark, ensuring you always enjoy flavorful, tender, juicy cuts of beef.
PM Beef is a leading domestic and international supplier of premium quality beef to both retail and food service companies worldwide. All PM Beef is USDA-inspected and meets or exceeds the industry's most stringent and comprehensive quality and safety management systems
The principle for veal. High animal welfare, rest and the freedom for the calves result in the high quality and delicious taste of the Peter`s Farm veal. Maximum Food Safety is guaranteed and the openness of Peter`s Farm offers you traceability of the products back to the farm. No wonder that Peter`s Farm veal is the first choice for more and more people!
Goedegebuur Vlees Rotterdam supplies high quality beef from a consistent quality meant for the catering and retail trades. 

Fifty years of skill and innovative developments have resulted in a specialized and modern beef company. 
Harmony Farm takes pride in serving only the best beef. Cattle are selected from the finest pastures and processed with strict quality control procedures. Supplied and delivered to you through Weddel Swift, the UK's premier depot network, with a nationwide service direct to quality high street butchers.
Inalca JBS Spa markets a complete assortment of fresh and frozen beef, vacuum packaged or packaged in a protective atmosphere, and supplied in a full range of cuts (sides, quarters, anatomical cuts, portioned products, hamburgers, breaded meats).
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