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Oliver's Meats - Finest Cuts Butcher

Located within the Gala Center Supermarket, Oliver's Meats provides only the finest cuts choice meats to his customers. Run by Oliver Azzopardi, his speciality is in providing yachts with their meat supplies when in port in Malta. Well known amongst his customers as being helpful and friendly and notorious for his speedy deliveries straight to the yacht.

The need to order supplies prior to docking in Malta has led to the creation of this website - enabling chefs to browse through the current meats available and prepare their order before even arriving to Malta. All the online tools are available to provide instruction per item, per order - though Oliver still believes in a good client relationship he will be in contact to make sure only the best service is given. (to meet the chef and discuss the order, on the boat) His track record should prove it!

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Oliver Azzopardi was fourteen years old when he started working with his father in s a slaughterhouse in Marsa, waking up at 2am each morning to prepare the day's cuts. His father, having immigrated to Sydney for fifteen years and there learned his trade, later returned to Malta and opened a town-shop butcher in B'kara where he employed his son Oliver.

Oliver also worked in local factories as a meat boner and continued to gain experience until at only nineteen years old he got an opportunity to open his own shop in B'kara. He ran his local butcher shop for seventeen years and had loyal customers throughout that time. 

In 2005 Oliver embarked in a new approach. While he runs the butcher counter at Gala Supermarket he started supplying yachts and boats that come to Malta with meat supplies and provisions. His experience in his trade and his eye to great meat cuts, not to mention his fast delivery times make him a favorite among all the yacht chefs who use his services.


"There is more to our local butcher, Oliver Azzopardi, than meets the eye. When not greeting customers behind the counter in our local supermarket, Oliver is a passionate dragster racer. He has his own team, trailer and professional top fuel dragster. Prior to drag racing, he raced saloon cars and formula cars in Malta. His passion has taken him to the USA, where he has driven and from where he bought his current car. He has also spent a lot of time at Santa Pod in the UK, where he intends to race in 2010 with his own car." - Deep Blue Sea

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